Mobile Apps

People are spending more time on their mobile phones than ever before. Promotion tool, service and support, shop on-the-go, communities, the usage versatility of a mobile phone is always growing. From strategy to development and operations, we partner with you to ensure the success of your next mobile app.

Mobile Web Apps

Mobile Web Apps are cross-platform and cross-browser and use standard Web technologies. It provides an optimal viewing, reading, and navigating experience by adapting the layout to the viewing environment, based on the screen size, platform and orientation.
  • Cross-platform and cross-browser compatibility.
  • Simplified maintenance.

Native Apps

Native Apps are built using the development tools and languages that the respective platforms support and therefore run only on their targeted platforms. Native Apps takes full advantage of device-specific features and controls. Native Apps can be integrated in the relevant stores.
  • High level of functionalities, usability, and performance.
  • Available from the dedicated app store.

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid Apps are developed using standard Web technologies but run within a webview container on the device and are packaged natively. This allows a cross-platform development and an integration to any store.
  • Good level of functionalities, usability, and performance.
  • Available from any app store.
  • Significant reduction in development costs.


Native and Hybrid Apps are available in App stores, whereas Web Apps are available on browsers. Both Hybrid and Mobile Web Apps render Web pages, but Hybrid Apps use App-embedded browsers.
  • Greater access to your services and products.
  • Range of technologies suited to your needs.
Criteria Native Mobile Web Hybrid
App Features
Graphics Native APIs HTML, Canvas, SVG HTML, Canvas, SVG
Performance Fast Slow Slow
Native look and feel Native Emulated Emulated
Distribution Appstore Web Appstore
Device Access
Camera Yes No Yes
Notifications Yes No Yes
Contacts, calendar Yes No Yes
Offline storage Secure file storage Shared SQL Secure file system, shared SQL
Geolocation Yes Yes Yes
Swipe Yes Yes Yes
Pinch, spread Yes No Yes
Connectivity Online and Offline Mostly Online Online and Offline
Development Skills ObjectiveC, Java HTML5, CSS, Javascript HTML5, CSS, Javascript

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