Business Requirements Analysis

The introduction of a new IT solution is the best moment to capture existing processes and architectures and to make them leaner and ready for the future.

Business Requirements Analysis

We leverage a sound framework to analyse and document your business needs. The current state is described thanks to workshops, interviews, analysis of documents and systems, reverse engineering, Task analysis, and Process Mapping - and then assessed by an experienced team with regard to room for improvement in terms of effectiveness and efficiency.
  • External and in-depth analysis of your business requirements.
  • Guarantee of success for your applications.

Technical Architecture and Functional Design

As soon as the requirements are known, we create the functional design and the technical architecture, focusing on modularity, sustainability as well as maintainability, speed and user-friendliness. Thanks to smart design and architecture, some of our applications have been in service for more than 15 years, fully satisfying our customers, while it was always possible to bring them to the next level of technology and functionality when needed, without significant effort. That’s how we think sustainability in IT!
  • Smart technical architecture and functional design to ensure scalability for your applications.

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